About me

Creation…Spiritual Sexuality…Life Giving…Female Energy … Female Power.

First of all I am a woman, the most natural and powerful medium through which the forces of creation are manifested in this reality.
During my artistic process I turn into the image I’m creating and it turns into me.
Together we laugh, we share the same emotions, we cry, we dream.
My works make me recognize myself, the one who I am deep inside.

In my search for deep feminine creative inspiration, subjectivity thrust my artistic depths far deeper than the normality of everyday life.

Voyages beyond the scope of the body…

I have tried to share these gender journeys in my images in hopes for a greater understanding of the female role for humanity.
I have mental images of bodies, of visions, and of desires; yet the female hopes and enthusiasm that spark life and creation.
For these reasons, my images breathe, and pulsate my emotions and expression as both a woman and an artist.
In this life fullof human contradictions, I search for my female role beyond norms and mores of our times. I find the power of “creation” in this search for life giving images.
I “feel” my images as a woman bringing my mind into play, creating them to life visually to share on the screen.
I feel that my images are visually channeled.
When I am working on a digital image, I am completely absorbed by it.
I laugh; I feel; I cry; I dream; I lose myself in it; I become the work I create.
It is this moment, this sensation of being one with my image, this is the passion roller coaster that I search for as a Art comes to life.
Once a work is completed, I realize the power of the work I express in all Creation as both a woman and an artist.